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Health Kite

Health Kite Hub

Health Kite is an eHealth platform based on a proven, flexible and secure technology stack. Health Kite connects patients with their caregivers and enables the seamless collection and transmission of healthcare data from bluetooth-connected medical devices through to the clinical care team who actively monitor the physiological and survey based data in real time. Health Kite has been designed to integrate with a wide range of medical devices, and clinical IT systems while also incorporating features such as Amazon Alexa voice control.

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Health Kite Portal

Health Kite Portal interfaces with care management and EHR systems to provide care teams with real world insight into the patient. Carers can prescribe activities and surveys, view patient data in real time and engage in teleconsults via secure voice, video or text.


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Soteria – Falls Detection System

Soteria is an easy to install, maintenance free sensor designed to monitor wellness and improve the safety, care and experience of vulnerable patients in their home, including those with physical and mental disabilities, those with deteriorating health and the frail.

Soteria monitors key vital signs, detects falls, unusual activity and inactivity and is the only contactless fall detection and alert system with the ability to accurately detect falls 99% of the time. This contactless technology operates autonomously in the background 24 hours a day, 7 days per week with total privacy.

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Remote Monitoring for Home Oxygen Therapy

With today’s technology, the oxygen concentrators are sending usage data, alarm codes, and performance metrics to a server that’s monitoring the devices. The provider can set up thresholds for the number of alarm violations or error codes on a device, and can then alert a technician to travel to the concentrator’s location and address the technical issues before a catastrophic failure occurs.


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