eWound – Wound Care & Assessment

A digitised wound assessment and management planning tool designed for use in the wards

Inadequate preventative measures, inaccurate diagnosis and ineffective treatment of pressure injuries can result in unnecessary patient suffering and a prolonged healing process.

The mismanagement of pressure injuries is also becoming an increasingly costly exercise for private hospitals with some private health insurers no longer covering hospital expenses associated with mismanaged hospital-acquired pressure injuries. In severe cases this can cost the hospital up to $50k per patient.

In addition to the above, the effective prevention and management of pressure injuries is one of the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards in Australia, compliance to which is mandatory for hospitals seeking to maintain their accreditation.

At Health Kite, we’re currently in the process of designing a solution for a large Melbourne based private hospital that will enable ward-based nurses to capture details and images of patient wounds using a tablet device and transmit this data to a portal. A Wound Care specialist, based offsite, can then assess the type and stage of the wound and prescribe an appropriate treatment plan.

This standardised approach addresses the subjective nature of wound assessment and allows for greater consistency and precision in the assessment of wounds and the prescribed treatment plan.


If your hospital is interested in participating in a low cost pilot, please contact us at enquiries@health-kite.com


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