Soteria Lens – Automated Falls Prevention

Using Artificial Intelligence to Predict and Prevent Falls in Hospital

Automated Falls Prevention

Soteria Lens is an automated falls prevention solution that employs Artificial Intelligence (AI) and rapid alerts to prevent patient falls in hospital. The system safeguards patients with 24/7 monitoring.  It never gets tired and never takes a break.  It’s also priced at a fraction of competitive systems.

How does it work?

Soteria Lens utilises a wall mounted camera to detect patient movements that are indicative of a likely bed exit. In the event such an activity is detected, a rapid alert is sent to the nurse (or virtual patient observer) so that they may respond in time to assist the patient out of bed and prevent the fall from ever occurring. Because the system harnesses Artificial Intelligence, it continues to learn and further improve over time.


Deployment Options

Soteria Lens is available in multiple configurations including as an add-on to existing virtual patient observations (VPO) systems, as a complete VPO solution or as a software system. It is easily integrated with cameras and network recorders from leading providers such as Axis ​Communications.


Download our product brochure here: Soteria Lens Brochure

More Information

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