Health Kite – Telehealth Solution

A platform for remote monitoring and live digital engagement

A Telehealth Platform

Health Kite is an eHealth platform based on a proven, flexible and secure technology stack. Health Kite connects patients with their caregivers and enables the seamless collection and transmission of healthcare data from home to hospital.

The platform was designed around user experience, security and flexibility. The security of data stored and transmitted is fully compliant with HIPAA standards which includes encryption of data in transit and stored in databases. Health Kite has been designed to integrate with a wide range of medical devices, and clinical IT systems while also incorporating features such as Alexa voice control.

The Health Kite platform consists of two key components – the Hub, used by the patient, and the portal, accessed by the care team.

Health Kite Hub

The Health Kite ‘Hub’ is issued to a patient along with a kit of medical devices based on their condition(s). The Hub connects clients (typically chronic disease sufferers residing in their homes) with their caregivers and enables the seamless collection and transmission of healthcare data from Bluetooth-connected medical devices through to the clinical care team who actively monitor the physiological and survey based data in real time.


Health Kite Portal

The Health Kite portal is used to monitor the condition of patients enrolled in the telehealth program, to prescribe new articles or video content designed to assist the client in managing their condition, to set new goals for the client and initiate video consults. Any patient data that falls outside the specified thresholds will trigger an alert (either portal, SMS or email, depending on the client’s preferences).

HK Portal PNG

mKite Mobile App

Development of a mobile version is also currently underway. This version, known as ‘mKite’ will allow the more tech-savvy users to access the platform from their personal mobile device.


Health Kite Benefits

  • Encourages patient self-management
  • Improves patient outcomes
  • Patient convenience
  • More educated and informed patients
  • Ability to identify early warning indicators and trends requiring intervention
  • Improve clinical decision making
  • Reduction in ED presentations / hospitalisations
  • Reduction in costly home visits from community nurses
  • Reduction in total cost of care

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