Halo – Palliative Care Platform

Improving the palliative care experience for patients and their loved ones


Halo provides patients and their families with access to regular updates, support resources and the necessary tools to ensure a comforted, informed and well-supported palliative care experience. Family members using the app can communicate with one another via secure text chat, seamlessly schedule visits in a shared calendar view, video chat with the patient receiving care and receive notifications in the event of any sudden health deterioration.

Addendum 4 - Preliminary Design Mockups

Halo is also used by the nurses to digitally capture and transmit all Palliative Care Outcomes Collaborative (PCOC) data which is reported nationally.

More Information

If your hospital is looking to provide a more comforting experience for your patients in Palliative Care (and their families) or you simply wish to learn more about our platform, please contact us at enquiries@health-kite.com

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