Eve – Digital Maternity Platform

Designed to improve the pregnancy and birthing experience of expectant mothers on their pregnancy journey

The Eve Application

Eve is a revolutionary Digital Maternity Platform designed to provide expectant mothers and their partners with access to numerous tools and an extensive library of information to enrich their pregnancy, birthing and parenting experience. Mothers and their partners can seamlessly keep track of appointments, participate in virtual pregnancy classes and send direct messages to their Midwives, all from the app. Tools such as the contraction timer, kick counter, emotional health tracker and physical health tracker all feed data back to the Midwives in the hospital who can access this information in real time via the Eve portal and monitor the well-being of the mother.

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Application Features

Eve benefits

The Midwife Portal

The web-based Midwife portal can be accessed via PC or tablet and provides Midwives in the Birth Suite (or based remotely) with access to view health and well-being data, manage notifications and alerts, communicate with the patient via secure text, video or voice, and manage and publish educational content featured in the application (in real time).  Management of information is simple with all tasks being role and workgroup-orientated, enabling access to information to users accordingly.

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Download our product brochure here: Eve Brochure

More Information

If your hospital is looking to provide a more comforting and informative experience for expectant mothers or you simply wish to learn more about the Eve Application, please contact us at enquiries@health-kite.com


Winner: Innovation Prize for ‘Best Communication Strategy’ at the Catholic Health Australia Nursing & Midwifery Symposium, November 2017


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