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Health Kite – Remote Monitoring and Live Digital Engagement

A remote patient monitoring platform based on a proven, flexible and secure technology stack. Designed specifically for remote chronic disease management.

Health Kite telehealth portal

Soteria Radar – Falls Detection System powered by Kardian

Soteria Radar is a contactless patient monitoring and falls detection solution. This easy to install, maintenance free sensor is designed to monitor wellness and improve the safety, care and experience of vulnerable patients.

Health Kite - Soteria Radar

Soteria Lens – Automated Falls Prevention

Soteria Lens is an automated falls prevention solution that employs Artificial Intelligence (AI) and rapid alerts to prevent falls in hospital. This new innovation utilises a wall mounted camera to detect patient movements that are indicative of a likely bed exit.

Health Kite - Soteria Lens

Eve – Digital Maternity Platform

Eve is a revolutionary Digital Maternity Platform designed to provide expectant mothers and their partners with access to numerous tools and an extensive library of information to enrich their pregnancy, birthing and parenting experience.

Health Kite - Eve Digital Maternity Platform

eCaptis – Patient Reported Outcome Measures

A secure platform for the capture and reporting of Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs), eCaptis provides insights into patient health outcomes, the effectiveness of the care provided, and the overall patient experience.

Health Kite - eCaptis PROMs

Halo – A Digital Palliative Care Platform

Halo provides patients and their families with access to regular updates, support resources and the necessary tools to ensure a comforted, informed and well-supported palliative care experience.Health Kite - Halo Palliative Care Platform

Education and Support for Recipients of Domiciliary Oxygen Therapy

A grant-funded digital platform designed to better connect, educate and engage patient’s accessing Domiciliary Oxygen Therapy programs in Australia. Through the use of telemetry, the system enables remote care providers to closely monitor the health and well-being of the patient in real-time.

Health Kite - TeleO2 Telematics Trust

Asset Management / Field Testing Software

A custom-built software package designed to allow field service engineers to rapidly record safety and performance test results. SMX is currently utilised by Chemtronics Biomedical Engineering, Hospitech Facilities & Asset Management, In-a-Tick, and a number of clients in New Zealand.

Health Kite - SMX Software

Miscellaneous Health / Tech Apps

Not all of our solutions require extensive development. We also rapidly design, develop and deploy simple apps for our clients, similar to this mobile application (below) which is used for auditing and managing medical asset inventory assigned to Ambulance vehicles and branches.

Health Kite - Miscellaneous Healthcare Apps

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