‘Eve’ Pregnancy Application

Designed to improve the pregnancy and birthing experience of expectant mothers on their pregnancy journey


Developed in conjunction with Cabrini Hospital in Melbourne, Eve provides expectant mothers with access to a variety of tools and information designed to enrich their pregnancy and birthing experience.

Upon enrolling in the program, Cabrini mothers are issued a tablet device which remains the property of the hospital. This typically occurs at the 12 week mark of their pregnancy.

Once received, program participants can start to enter into discussions with other program participants in moderated forums, explore the knowledge base in order to best prepare themselves for the arrival of their baby, follow their baby’s development, send questions directly to their Cabrini Midwives via the Help Chat facility, and utilise numerous tools to assess the health and well-being of both herself and baby.

Meanwhile, all of the health data is transmitted back to a portal whereby Midwives can interact with the users, monitor their health data and usage, and moderate the discussions.

Eve Application for Cabrini Hospital, Australia. Maternity App developed using Health Kite

If your hospital is looking to provide a more comforting and informative experience for expectant mothers or you simply wish to learn more about the Eve Application, please contact us at enquiries@health-kite.com


Winner: Innovation Prize for ‘Best Communication Strategy’ at the Catholic Health Australia Nursing & Midwifery Symposium, November 2017



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