Chronic Disease Management

Sufferers of chronic diseases now have the ability to communicate with their carers, record and transmit physiological data and track their own progress, all without coming into hospital

Through the proliferation of personal smart devices, widespread hardware integration and a growing trend towards treating patients in their homes, sufferers of chronic illnesses can now access a more flexible model of patient-centred care.

Advancements in technology allow patients to be monitored and treated in the comfort of their own home, using an integrated solution comprising PCs, tablets, smart phones, domestic sensors and devices, medical devices, patient management software and a clinician portal.

This new paradigm empowers patients and their carers to take control of their ongoing care, it eliminates the inconvenience of a regular hospital visits and ultimately drives healthcare costs down.

We are currently exploring opportunities to work with hospitals to design and deploy solutions that will provide clinicians with a means of comprehensively monitoring, treating and communicating with sufferers of chronic diseases and illnesses. Such care would be provided remotely.

Health Kite Chronic Disease Management

This new model of care can be demonstrated as follows.

Willing patients are prescribed a care programme by their hospital, based on their chronic condition, and issued a tablet device along with any integrated hardware that may be required for the collection of health data (e.g. bluetooth scales, bluetooth-enabled glucometer, etc), some of which may require onsite installation and/or configuration in the patient’s home.

The patient is then regularly instructed (by the tablet) to engage in a prescribed set of activities, e.g. exercise, record weight, take blood glucose reading, etc. This data is automatically collected by the tablet, fed back into the patient database and is accessible to an assigned group of hospital clinicians.

Clinicians have access to monitor patient data, analyse trends, prescribe new treatment programmes, schedule hospital appointments, and contact the patient via text, voice or video chat, all via the web portal.

Frequent hospital appointments can be eliminated, with only the occasional consultation required.

This healthcare model improves patient health, their quality of life and the hospital’s bottom line.

If your hospital is looking to explore ways in which it can better serve it’s patients who suffer from a chronic illness, all whilst reducing the strain on your hospital, we’d love to hear from you. Please get in touch with as at


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