Blood Donor App

We’ve gamified the blood donation experience in order to reach a wider audience in the hope of driving up the number of voluntary blood donors

Blood banks face numerous challenges including sporadic shortages, low volumes of voluntary donors and a limited marketing/advertising budget.

To address the challenges faced by this critical service, we’re using the Health Kite platform to design a fun, rewarding and informative mobile application to keep the importance of blood donation in the consciousness of existing donors and to reach out to potential new donors with a new and unique approach.

This application can be deployed by any blood bank service around the world with custom features and branding added as required.

Available on both iOS and Android, the key features of this mobile application include:

  • The ability to view appointment availability of nearby centres and schedule appointments via the application
  • Synchronisation of appointments to the phone calendar
  • Locate nearby donation centres
  • Users receive a notification in the event of a local shortage of their blood type,  along with a prompt to seamlessly schedule an appointment
  • Automated check-in upon arrival using the phone’s locations services
  • The ability to share your donation stats and photos via social media
  • The ability to invite friends and family
  • Countdown timer until the next possible donation
  • Detailed donation history
  • Post-donation health tracker and follow-up survey
  • Gamified blood donation experience – with badges for unlocked achievements (e.g. inviting friends, sharing via social media, answering the call for blood in the event of a shortage, etc.)
  • And more…

The application also reduces much of the administration associated with managing bookings and donor follow-ups, and is therefore expected to reduce administrative expenditure for the provider.