Health Kite

What is Health Kite?

Health Kite comprises a suite of software platforms, medical hardware, applications, and a patient and carer portal.  Combined, these technologies enable healthcare facilities to reduce demand on direct hospital care through remote patient management. The Health Kite platform allows healthcare organisations to deploy technology based solutions that allow for the collection, transmission, management and reporting of healthcare data from a patient residing outside of the hospital.

Health Kite enables hospitals to rapidly deploy tailored healthcare applications and systems that are flexible, scalable and secure. Our team of healthcare application experts will work with you to implement the perfect solution for your hospital.

Hospital benefits:

  • Enables home based patient care
  • Reduces the number of hospital presentations
  • Alleviates the strain on hospital resources
  • Reduces hospital operating costs
  • Provides carers with 360° view of patient information, activities and healthcare data
  • Maximise operational effectiveness through the optimal use of human and physical resources

Patient benefits:

  • More empowered, engaged and informed patients through the provision of evidence based clinical content, access to clinical tools and the integration of systems to medical devices
  • Improved patient outcomes
  • Greater convenience – enables patients to be remotely monitored from the comfort of their own home
  • Improved communication channels between the patient and their care provider

How can we help your business?

Our end to end applications reduce direct demand on hospitals by:

  • Bridging the information gap between Carers and Patients
  • Connecting Patients with critical information that is maintained by Carers
  • Improve communication and attain new efficiencies by extending hospital care to the home
  • Improve patient experience and engagement
  • Creating escalations to appropriate Carers


Health Kite’s platform has the ability to:

  • Integrate to clinical systems, store patient records and collate information from multiple sources
  • Build and integrate with medical equipment, databases, and patient portals
  • Build custom mobile applications that link directly to the carer platform

Please refer to the project portfolio for a sample of our capabilities.


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