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What is Health Kite?

Health Kite describes a team of digital health experts and our suite of solutions including bespoke healthcare applications, platforms and devices. Our innovations enable healthcare facilities to reduce demand on direct hospital care. This is achieved through the delivery of solutions centred on workflow optimisation, remote patient management, improved compliance and cost reduction.

An emerging brand originating from the Cabrini Centre for Innovation, Health Kite collaborates with healthcare clients to rapidly develop tailored healthcare solutions that are flexible, scalable and secure. Because our team of health technology experts come from a diverse digital design, development and project management background, we are well placed to deeply understand the problem faced by clients and end-users before designing the perfect solution to meet their needs and expectations. 

Our dedicated Health Kite team aspires to become one of Australia’s recognised leaders in digital health technologies. We pride ourselves on our passion for innovation and our partnerships with industry and academia.

Our process:

  • Employ design thinking and human centred design methodologies to deeply understand problems in health
  • Establish and nurture rich client relationships
  • Co-design solutions with clients and their users
  • Rapidly prototype and iterate and present these prototypes to stakeholders throughout the journey
  • Develop software using the latest technologies, with security and privacy at the forefront
  • Deploy and maintain our innovations
  • Work with clients to scale up and implement future enhancements as required

Our vast and varied suite of bespoke solutions include:

  • Innovations in falls detection and prevention
  • Contactless monitoring 
  • Real-time remote patient monitoring
  • Medical device and systems integration
  • Health application development
  • Patient education and engagement
  • Text and video based educational material for patients/users
  • Secure voice, video and text communication tools
  • Capture and reporting of Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs)
  • Medication management
  • Connecting patients with similar conditions via moderated forums
  • Integration to ubiquitous healthcare devices and systems
  • Development of remote carer portals

Current and Past Projects

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Please refer to the project portfolio in order to sample our suite of recent innovations.



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