Health Kite – Digital Health Innovation


What is Health Kite?

Health Kite is an emerging brand originating from the Cabrini Centre for Innovation and is a technology stack designed by health for improving health outcomes for a number of patient groups.

Health Kite comprises a suite of software platforms, medical devices, bespoke applications and portals, all of which are designed for health by health.  Our solutions enable healthcare facilities to reduce demand on direct hospital care through workflow optimisation, remote patient management, improved compliance and cost reduction.

The Health Kite team collaborates with hospitals to rapidly deploy tailored healthcare applications and systems that are flexible, scalable and secure. Our team of health technology experts will work with you to implement the perfect solution for your hospital.

We have many projects underway at present and possess a comprehensive suite of solutions and services including:

  • Innovations in falls detection and prevention
  • Contactless monitoring
  • Telemonitoring facilities including blood pressure monitors, thermometers, scales, glucometers, pulse oximeters and heart rate monitors, but extending to specific use cases such as home dialysis and CPAP monitoring
  • Text and video based educational material for patients/users
  • Secure voice, video and text communication tools
  • A clinical portal for care providers to view patient dashboards with trended data, view real time data, communicate with the patient and assign them activities to better enable their treatment/recovery/care
  • A patient portal (accessible via a user-friendly tablet device, suitable for the elderly)
  • Integration to a number of medical devices via our ‘Hub’ device that is placed in the patient’s home to enable the seamless capture, telemonitoring and reporting of physiological data
  • Control of medical monitoring devices by the clinician remotely
  • Activity and medication reminders using conversational voice control
  • Connecting patients with similar conditions via moderated forums
  • Integration to ubiquitous healthcare systems including Medical Director and My Health Record
  • Family/carer portal with limited access to information
  • Potential integration to voice activated smart assistants and home automation

Current and Past Projects

Please refer to the project portfolio for a sample of our capabilities.